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Healing & Change One Client at a Time

It's the compassion and expertise of combined education of hypnotherapy, psychosocial, nursing and life experience that have paved the way for this provider to offer supurb holistic hypnotherapy services.  An integrative approach is used to promote healing or change in a person's body, mind or spiritWe are pleased to offer individual self hypnosis education as well as presentations to corperations, business, or groups about the benifits of hypnosis. Skill, care and compassion is what Seabreeze Hypnosis for Health is all about. This is is why we have chosen to show case on this web page.  It's really all about "Healing and Change,"  this refers  to our commitment to serve, "One Client at a Time" each day to provide the best possible hypnotherapy facilitation service to each person touched.

* New articles are posted on this web site for viewing interest  (The newest news article is placed at the top of the list on the page Welcome with Links . Latest new birthing related 05/04/08).

Currently working on site 2008/03/19

You can reach us at:

Kathrine Churchill
Master & Certified Hypnotherapist
NLP Practioner
Phone (604) 531-4450
Cellular (778) 235-1918
Seabreeze Hypnosis for Health Consulting Services